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For rates call 1-800-334-6544 (U.S.) or +1-212-480-4521 (International) or go to the form How to Book

Why sail on MS Fram?

- She's the only brand new vessel sailing in Antarctica
- Board landing craft via a unique sea level docking bay built right into the hull of the ship - no need to climb a ladder to access landing craft
- She's a true expedition ship with ice classified double hull, yet she also boasts luxurious "ocean liner" amenities and facilities.
- Norwegian Officers with years of experience navigating Antarctic/Arctic waters
- All cabins have flat panel televisions and refrigerators
- Modern bathrooms have built in hair dryers and heated floors
- Amenities on board include internet café, wi-fi, fitness room, sauna and Jacuzzi
- Observation lounges, restaurant and bars have floor to ceiling windows for viewing the spectacular scenery
- On board lectures by renowned scientists in state of the art multi media conference rooms
- Newly designed sturdy Polar Circle Boats are used for landings - not old fashioned zodiac craft

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