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Summer is a wonderful time to explore Norway’s coast and its world-class sights, including the Geirangerfjord. The intense, extended daylight above the Arctic Circle lasts around the clock, giving you more time to take in the beautiful coastline. Each day is filled with hours of long, spectacular sunset horizons. Join an action-filled adventure under the midnight sun, such as Hurtigruten’s whale-watching safari, RIB adventures, or the Sea Eagle Safari. Or simply bask at your leisure in the perpetual daylight.

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7-day Northbound Voyage: Bergen – Kirkenes (see days 1-7 below)

6-day Southbound Voyage: Kirkenes – Bergen (see days 7-12 below)

12-day Roundtrip Voyage: Bergen – Bergen (see days 1-12 below)

11-day Roundtrip Voyage: Bergen – Trondheim (see days 1-11 below)

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(Days 1-7 Represent the 7-day Northbound Voyage: Bergen – Kirkenes)

Day 1: Embarkation in Bergen

Bergen is the bustling capital of Norway’s fjord district. If you arrive a few hours before departure, stroll around the old wooden buildings at the Bryggen Wharf, remnants of Bergen’s Hanseatic past. Your Hurtigruten voyage begins in Bergen, a harbor town established by the Viking King Olav more than nine hundred years ago. It quickly became the center of Norway’s vibrant commercial trade with northern Europe and the British Isles, especially in dried cod. By the late Middle Ages, the Hanseatic League had set up a trading post on the Bryggen waterfront. Some of the buildings you’ll see along the wharf date back to the 14th century! You can board the Hurtigruten ship as early as 4pm. You sail from Bergen at 8pm.

Day 2: Ålesund and Geirangerfjord
When you awake, the ship will be crossing the open Stadthavet and heading for Torvik. En route, you’ll stop in the beautiful Art Nouveau town of Ålesund. From here, Hurtigruten heads into the spectacular UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord, where you can see the beautiful Brudesløret, Friaren, and the Seven Sisters waterfalls. You can also enjoy a scenic optional excursion, including a breat-taking drive down the winding Trollstigen Pass. After a call at Molde—its magnificent view of the Romsdal Alps made it a favorite vacation spot of Henrik Ibsen—the ship will carefully navigate the Hustadvika, a belt of islets and skerries, before docking at Kristiansund.

Optional shore excursions:
Geiranger with Trollstigen Pass

Day 3: The Royal City of Trondheim

The ship arrives early this morning in ancient Trondheim, where you’ll have time to explore this jewel of a city, Norway’s first capital. Did you know that the first Viking sale of goods from ‘the new found land’ took place here about 1000 A.D.? Timber from Lief Eriksson’s Vinland estate was sold to a Bremen merchant. Walk the charming streets, sit by the peaceful harbor, or cross the old city bridge to see the restored wooden buildings in Bakklandet and the great Gothic cathedral of Nidaros, where the new kings of old Norway once received their official blessing. From Trondheim, the ship sails on to Rorvik, where the southbound and northbound coastal ships meet.

Optional shore excursions:
Nidaros Cathedral & Ringve Museum

Day 4: Arctic Circle and Lofoten Islands
Crossing the Arctic Circle is one of the highlights before we arrive in Ørnes. The Arctic Circle marks the southernmost point of the polar, 24-hour sunlit day – often referred to as the ‘midnight sun’. In the evening you reach Svolvær, the picturesque capital of the Lofoten Islands. These islands are renowned for their small fishing villages with their Bohemian atmosphere, surrounded by majestic granite cliffs and white sandy beaches. Complete your visit with a stroll between the stockfish racks and ‘rorbuer’, the traditional, red fishermen’s residences.

Optional shore excursions:
Svartisen Glacier
RIB-Safari to Saltstraumen
Lofotr Viking Feast Summer

Day 5: Tromso, Gateway to the Arctic
During the night we pass the magnificent Trollfjord and sail through the spectacular and narrow Raftsund strait. Here, you can admire the rugged mountainous landscape jutting up against the horizon under the endless sun. You’ll pass the medieval Trondenes church before calling at Harstad for breakfast. Afterward, you’ll sail across the Vagsfjord, past the great island of Senja, with its diverse countryside of farmland, pine trees, and plunging peaks. Then you’ll continue to Tromsø, the ‘Paris of the North’, a city with many lively restaurants and cafés. In the 19th century, Russian, British, Dutch, and German ships called here before heading off on Arctic expeditions to hunt whales, walrus, and seals.

Optional shore excursions:
The Arctic Capital Tromsø
Scenery and Huskies

Day 6: Honningsvåg and the North Cape
Today you arrive in Honningsvåg, the starting point of Hurtigruten’s optional excursion to the spectacular North Cape, the northernmost point of mainland Europe. From the fishing village of Kjøllefjord you can get a “‘Taste of Lapland’ by meeting a Sámi family. You’ll pass Mehamn and Berlevåg, pretty fishing villages. Finnmark’s landscape is austere in its beauty, but teeming with wildlife. Watch for rookeries of puffins and gannets along the cliffs and pods of orca whales hunting for herring.

Optional shore excursions:
The North Cape
Birdwatching Safari
A Taste of Lapland

Day 7: Kirkenes, the voyage turning point
The vistas and sea life become more dramatic as we approach Kirkenes, just a few miles from the Russian border and the Sámi communities of Northern Scandinavia. After a few hours docked at Kirkenes, the ship will begin the southbound voyage, calling during the day at ports passed at night on the trip northbound.

Optional shore excursions:
The Russian Border
Riverboat to the Russian Border
Birds of the Arctic

(Days 7-12 Represent the 6-day Southbound Voyage: Kirkenes – Bergen)

Day 7: Kirkenes, the voyage back south
Summer in Kirkenes is superb with an average temperature of 14°C/57F° in July.

Kirkenes is known as the ‘Capital of the Barents Region’ and the ‘Gateway to the East’, with people here speaking Norwegian, Sámi, Finnish, and Russian. As we head south, the ports previously visited by night during the northbound voyage are now seen by day. Crossing Varangerfjord, Norway’s only east-facing fjord and a fabled birdwatching site, you’ll arrive in Vardo, the easternmost point of the country. Next, the ship will round the Varanger peninsula, where archaeologists excavated a community believed to date from 9000 B.C. In the evening, the ship calls at Batsfjord, which also boasts the remains of a Stone Age settlement, and Berlevåg. Look out for the Tanahorn mountain, which long ago was a Sámi sacrificial site.

Day 8: Hammerfest and Tromsø

The ship arrives at Honningsvag in the early morning. Start the day with a summer breakfast at the North Cape Hall (optional excursion), firmly perched on the massive cliff marking the northernmost tip of mainland Europe.  After calling at Havoysund, the ship will stop at Hammerfest, the world’s most northerly town. Despite its remote location, it was the first Norwegian town to have electric street lighting and its own power station. The ship then heads south to Oksfjord, where glaciers calve directly into the sea. After crossing open water, the ship calls at the old trading post of Skjervoy. You’ll dock in Tromsø just in time to savor its nightlife. In Tromsø, you can also take part in a very special musical experience, the Midnight Concert at the Arctic Cathedral (optional excursion).

Optional shore excursions:
Breakfast at the North Cape
The Northernmost Town in the World
Midnight Concert at the Arctic Cathedral
Reindeer Spotting in the Summer Night

Day 9: Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands

Passing through the Lofoten Islands, the ship negotiates a stunning network of inlets and isles before moving on to what is perhaps the highlight of the voyage for many, a possible detour into the spectacular and dramatic Trollfjord. The island of Lofoten and Vesterålen have some of the most stunning scenery on this voyage. Before your arrival, you’ll see the captain skillfully maneuver the ship through the shallow waters of the Risoyrenna channel, where sandbanks are visible through the green water on both sides of the channel. The ship will negotiate the narrow Raftsund strait, leading into the breathtaking Trollfjord, before arriving in Svolvaer and Stamsund. Later, the ship heads east across Vestfjord toward Bodø. Consider joining an optional excursion — a fantastic RIB safari through the Lofoten Archipelago under the midnight sun!

Optional shore excursions:
A Taste of Vesterålen
Lofoten Islands
Sea Eagle Safari
Lofoten by Horse
RIB Adventure in Lofoten

Day 10: Arctic Circle, Seven Sisters
As we sail along the Helgeland coast you can enjoy views of myriad islets, fertile farmland and lush meadows. From Ornes, you’ll travel through crystalline waters and go by lush agricultural fields. Nearly every towering peak you’ll see is associated with a local legend. Crossing the Arctic Circle once again, you’ll pass the idyllic island of Sandnessjoen. On the approach to Bronnoysund, which you reach this afternoon, you’ll spy the mythical Seven Sisters Mountains. Make sure you’re on deck when the ship departs Bronnoysund—you’ll be impressed by the captain’s steady hand! Today’s last port of call will be Rorvik. The Vega Archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is close to our call in Sandnessjøen and can be explored during our optional excursion.

Optional shore excursions:
UNESCO Vega Archipelago
Visit the Salmon

Day 11: Trondheim and Kristiansund

You arrive in Trondheim in the early morning. Nidaros Cathedral, where three queens and seven kings were crowned, is Scandinavia’s largest medieval church and well worth a visit (optional excursion). We also recommend you visit the restored archbishop’s residence. Then you’ll sail out through the beautiful Trondheimsfjord, past Hitra, the island of deer, and lonely Grip. The town of Kristiansund, located on the scenic Atlantic Road, holds the rather obscure title of Norway’s ‘cured cod capital’, owing to the nature of its main export. At day’s end, you’ll call at Molde, before arriving in Ålesund late in the evening, just in time for a stroll on shore.

Optional shore excursions:
Trondheim with Nidaros Cathedral
Trondheim City Walk
The Atlantic Road

Day 12: Bergen, disembarkation

During the night, the ship will call at Torvik, Måløy, and Florø. The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Voyage’ is drawing to a close, but miles and miles of spectacular scenery is still to be seen: Holly trees on Svanøya island, the mouth of Sognefjord, and the beautiful archipelago on the approach to Bergen. Our arrival in Bergen sees the end of this magnificent fall journey.

Optional shore excursions:
Bergen City Sightseeing

View Full List of Shore Excursions (PDF file)

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