MS Fram

The 2007-built, 240-passenger, 12700-ton exploration ship MS Fram has 8 decks. On board you will find an observation lounge with a passenger bridge, a restaurant and a bistro, a sauna and a jacuzzies, a fitness room and two conference rooms, a shop and an internet cafe, and a library. MS Fram has 97 modern cabins and 39 luxurious suites.

MS Fram brings on the heritage of the original Fram, taking the most advanced technology making it extraordinarily suited for expedition voyages in Polar Regions. Of the 128 comfortable cabins a number of them are superior and have names after Norwegian polar heroes. The spacious outside decks include accessibility to the very front of the ship – a great place to observe marine wildlife.

For shore excursions and expedition landings, you meet at the “tender pit” where you safely embark in sturdy Polar cirkel boats that take you safely from ship to shore.

Why sail on MS Fram?

  • She was custom-built in 2007 to sail in Antarctica. Probably the safest ship to be on in a worse case scenario.
  • Board landing craft via a unique sea level docking bay built right into the hull of the ship – no need to climb a ladder to access landing craft
  • She’s a true expedition ship with ice classified double hull, yet she also boasts luxurious “ocean liner” amenities and facilities.
  • Norwegian Officers with years of experience navigating Antarctic/Arctic waters
  • All cabins have flat panel televisions and refrigerators
  • Modern bathrooms have built in hair dryers and heated floors
  • Amenities on board include internet café, wi-fi, fitness room, sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Observation lounges, restaurant and bars have floor to ceiling windows for viewing the spectacular scenery
  • On board lectures by renowned scientists in state of the art multi media conference rooms
  • Newly designed sturdy Polar Circle Boats are used for landings – not old fashioned zodiac craft

Voyage to the Antarctic, the Falklands & South Georgia

Antarctica – The Land of the Penguin

Spitsbergen/Svalbard voyages on MS Fram

Greenland voyages on MS Fram

MS Fram deck plan