Explore the South Atlantic Islands and experience untouched scenery and wildlife like nowhere else on Earth.


  • October 29, 2017



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October 29, 2017 $8,061 pp $9,653 pp

Ship: MS Fram

Duration: 18 Days


Day 1 - Ushuaia, Argentina

Late in the evening MS Fram sails out of the Rio de la Plata into the open waters of the Atlantic. The mouth of the river is a very busy shipping route and you can spot vessels from all over the world.

Day 2 - Ushuaia, embarkation


In the afternoon we embark the Sea Spirit and set sail down the scenic Beagle Channel.

Day 3 - At Sea

day3Escorted by seabirds and whales the Sea Spirit makes its way to the Falkland Islands.

Days 4-5 - The Falklands

day4-5The Falkland Islands are a small country of moors and rugged coastlines carved by the South Atlantic, where the wildlife and plant life form a link between Patagonia and Antarctica. On the beaches of the islands elephant seals are a spectacular sight when battling to establish territories at the start of the breeding season or even simply relaxing at the sea. Sea lions and fur seals are also easily seen around the Islands. As many as a million penguins nest in the Falklands every summer, representing five of the world’s seventeen species – king, gentoo, rockhopper, Magellanic and acaroni. What’s more, for the gentoo, the Falklands are home to the largest population on Earth.

The capital of the Falklands Port Stanley is the southernmost British outpost. Together with many reminders of its British heritage such as red phone boxes and English pubs the town boasts more unusual sights like a whalebone arch and many shipwrecks along the coast.

Days 6-7 - At Sea

day6-7Clear your camera’s memory as we sail towards the “capital” of Antarctic wildlife.

Days 8-11 - South Georgia

day8-11South Georgia is an unmissable destination within Antarctica. This sub-Antarctic region is a peak emerging from the Scotia Arc, an underwater mountain chain that extends the Andes to the Antarctic Peninsula. This long and narrow, whale bone shaped island is a home to:

  • Four seal species – southern elephant seal, Antarctic fur seal, Weddell seal, and leopard seal.
  • Several whale species – southern right whales, humpbacks, fin whales, sperm whales, killer whales orcas, and southern bottlenose whales.
  • Antarctic seabirds, about 46% of the world’s breeding population of grey headed albatrosses; northern giant petrels, white chinned petrels and Antarctic prions. Most of the world’s population of the South Georgia blue eyed shags live there, some 7,500 pairs.
  • Penguins – around half the world’s population of macaroni penguins, along with 100,000 pairs of Gentoo penguins and about 6,000 breeding pairs of Chinstrap penguins.
  • The most attractive residents of the South Georgia are King penguins with their orange-yellow crowns. The total number of King penguins is around 400,000 breeding pairs.

We spend 4 days among the alpine landscapes and penguins’ crowds. Visit to the historic settlement of Grytviken with its whaling era remnants is one of the highlights of South Georgia.

Days 12-13 - Scotia Sea

day12Our invited experts on Antarctic wildlife, history and geology give lectures and presentations preparing us for the meeting with wild spaces of the Sixth Continent.

Days 14-18 - The Antarctic Continent and the South Shetlands

day14-18Our Captain and Expedition Leader will do their best to show you all the faces of Antarctica. We hope to tick off 5 penguin /6 seal / several whale species in Antarctic check-list. While cruising along narrow Antarctic waterways we admire huge icebergs of different shapes, sizes and colours. We visit scientific stations representing several different countries and learn about Antarctic scientific researches straight from the source. Of course setting foot on the actual Antarctic Continent is also on agenda.

Days 19-20 - Crossing the Drake Passage

day19-20This last sea passage separates the magic world we’d discovered from the rest of the world, where we will be in several days. Use these days to refresh your memories and bid farewell to birds and whales you identify easily now.

Day 21 - Disembarkation in Ushuaia

day21Our morning disembarkation in Ushuaia is followed by group transfer to the airport. Or you may stay at the city centre, if you plan a longer stay in Ushuaia.