Hurtigruten is offering more than 90 excursions led by expert expedition teams. You can stay active by participating in both adventurous sea- and land-based excursions. The onboard expedition teams also enhance your experience with exciting activities, and interpret the cultural and natural treasures you see during your voyage.


Havila Kystruten will be announcing excursions in the 34 Charming and Varied Ports closer to its launch.  The company is introducing the concept, “The Perfect Escape”. You can choose the length of your journey. You can choose between four seasons. You can choose your dining experience. You can choose to participate in excursions to historical towns, or you can choose adventurous activities in wonderful nature. Or, you can choose to simply relax on new, pleasant and environmentally friendly ships. You are in control of your choices and this comprises The Perfect Escape. Havila Kystruten offers a unique and well-deserved break from day-to-day life to all guests who long for life-changing experiences and ever lasting memories. The Norwegian coast is world famous for its spectacular mountains and fjords, and Havila calls at places where mountains stretch towards the clouds and small island communities cling to the shorelines.