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This sailing takes you to the coastal towns and spectacular natural formations of Iceland, before crossing to Norway to witness the majesty of the world-renowned fjords.

USD $5325 / starting price

Explore the spectacular natural world and charming towns of Iceland and Norway. The experience of being on deck as we cruise into the majestic Norwegian fjords is unforgettable.

USD $6235 / starting price

Join us on a beautiful coastal cruise aboard our new hybrid-powered expedition ship.

USD $6598 / starting price

Get ready for a rare adventure! From Ushuaia you cross the Drake Passage and sail on to an unforgettable exploration of Antarctica.

USD $6185 / starting price

Join this amazing expedition cruise to the highlights of Antarctica, the Falklands and Patagonia.

USD $12701 / starting price

Experience stunning Patagonia, the magical Falkland Islands and majestic Antarctica during one amazing expedition cruise.

USD $12692 / starting price

Enjoy five full days in Antarctica with landings and ice-boat cruising, as well as chances to kayak, hike and much more.

USD $8591 / starting price