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Leaving the shores of Scotland’s Edinburgh, get set for the jaw-dropping beauty that is Norway.

Ship: Silver Whisper
Duration: 12 days

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Rusty-red painted fishermen’s cottages nestle at the foot of snow-capped peaks in Bergen, exciting train rides traverse evergreen forests in Flam and open landscapes from Rosendal to Alta make you gasp with inspiration. If you have ever wanted to really see the authentic beauty of the world, then this is the cruise to do it.

Day 1 Edinburgh (Leith)

Edinburgh is to London as poetry is to prose, as Charlotte Brontë once wrote. One of the world’s stateliest cities and proudest capitals, it’s built—like Rome—on seven hills, making it a striking backdrop for the ancient pageant of history. In a skyline of sheer drama, Edinburgh Castle watches over the capital city, frowning down on Princes Street’s glamour and glitz. But despite its rich past, the city’s famous festivals, excellent museums and galleries, as well as the modern Scottish Parliament, are reminders that Edinburgh has its feet firmly in the 21st century.Nearly everywhere in Edinburgh (the burgh is always pronounced burra in Scotland) there are spectacular buildings, whose Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian pillars add touches of neoclassical grandeur to the largely Presbyterian backdrop. Large gardens are a strong feature of central Edinburgh, where the city council is one of the most stridently conservationist in Europe.

Day 2 At Sea

Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up with what you’ve been meaning to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side.

Day 3 Rosendal

Rosendal, with its mountains and waterfalls, is one of Norway’s more romantic villages. Cut off from the rest of the world by high mountains and the Folgefonna National Park, and home to just 800 year round inhabitants, to say the village is in a little world of its own is no exaggeration! While Rosendal might lack for urban excitement, you certainly couldn’t want to find a more beautiful setting. Soaring mountains peaks, narrow winding fjords, impressive waterfalls and the third largest glacier in Norway are all par for the norm here, as are breathtaking glacier views and some of the freshest air you’ll ever experience. The village was famously a wedding present to Ludvig Holgersen Rosenkrantz’s daughter in 1658. Rosenkrantz was the wealthiest man in the country at the time, owning over 500 farms all over western Norway.

Day 4 Bergen

The crooked, pastel-coloured warehouses of Bergen’s World Heritage waterfront lean together charmingly, welcoming visitors to this city at the heart of Norway’s most extraordinary cinematic landscapes. It may be the country’s second largest city, but the villagey feel here always provides a warm welcome – even when the weather is living up to its famously damp reputation. Bergen’s colourful waterfront, Bryggen, is a ramshackle line-up of incredible Hanseatic warehouses, built following the devastating fire of 1702, which ransacked the city. These iconic warehouses have stood proudly ever since, with Bergen growing and expanding around the colourful facades. Behind them, a labyrinth of narrow alleyways and wooden decking waits, alive with artisan craft shops and bustling galleries.

Day 5 Flam

If we haven’t said it already, Norway’s luxury is its sheer natural beauty. And at the very top of the pile is the all-inclusive Flam, a destination that is home to Glacial waterways lined by evergreen forests amidst jagged mountains and sheer cliff walls. Situated inland, on the arm of the 204-kilometre Sognefjord, the village has just 400 inhabitants. Its little size does not belie its gigantic heart, and Flam’s expansive loveliness knows no bounds. In fact, UNESCO has dedicated the Sognefjord as a World Heritage Site for its exquisite natural beauty. There are many ways to imbibe in the beauty of this destination. Some of the more peaceful among you will enjoy just drinking it all in from the veranda or deck of your ship, while adrenaline bunnies will most probably want to jump in a Zodiac and gain first-hand experience that way.

Day 6 Ålesund

Decorative turrets, pastel-coloured paint and elegant buildings reflect in the glass-smooth harbour waters of Ålesund, welcoming you to one of the world’s finest havens of Art Nouveau architecture. A perfect complement of natural and man-made beauty, the city’s distinctive jugendstil style is enhanced by a thrilling location amid colossal fjord scenery. Geirangerfjord World Heritage Site of is one of Norway’s most spectacular fjords, and it comes alive in summer with gushing meltwater falls plummeting from steep banks to pristine water below. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in Norway, practically every building in Ålesund boasts fantastical flourishes and eccentric quirks. Rebuilt from the ashes of the devastating fire that swept through in 1904, the town is now a unique historic treasure trove.

Day 7 Trondheim (Trøndelag)

A colourful, historic capital of Norway, Trondheim’s history reaches back to 997 AD, when it was founded by Viking King Olav Tryggvason. It may be Norway’s third-biggest city, but there’s a welcoming and intimate feel here, with a photogenic waterfront, and glowing wooden warehouses adding old-time charm. The history runs deep, but nowadays Trondheim is also a leading technology centre, and home to 30,000 students, who inject youth and vitality into the city’s streets. Museums dedicated to Norway’s musical heritage will strike a sweet chord, while the endless wilds of central Norway and the Trondheim Fjord unveil themselves close by. A destructive fire laid to rest to old Trondheim’s narrow wooden alleyways, but a flavour of the old city survives in the Bakklandet neighbourhood. Traditional timber houses and colourful wharves line up along the waterfront, painting a pretty picture with pistachio-green and turmeric-yellow licks of paint.

Day 8 At Sea

Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up with what you’ve been meaning to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side.

Day 9 Leknes (Vestvågøy)

Blessed with some of the most spectacular scenery in Norway (and goodness only know that this is land blessed with rolling hills, soaring peaks, valleys, tranquil fjords and white sandy beaches, so the competition is high!), Leknes is what Norway is meant to be. Pretty red houses lay dotted on the green covered hills, and the midnight sun is rises above the horizon from 26th May to 17th July, (while in winter the sun does not rise from 9th December to 4th January). Part of the stunning Lofoten islands, this pretty port offers much in the way of recreation, although understandably most of this is outdoor based. Take a boat ride around the archipelago, try your hand at some deep sea fishing, or simply stroll thought the city centre, perhaps rent a bicycle and discover the hinterland at your own pace.

Day 10 Harstad

Superbly located on Norway’s biggest island Hinnøya, Harstad is a perfect illustration of what makes Norway famous. Spectacular scenery, powerful, raw beauty, long summer days and endless white nights are par for the course here, not to mention clear fjordic waters teeming with marine life. The town is perhaps less well known than its big sister Tomso, but this only works in little Harstad’s favour. In fact, it is said the most romantic place in all of Noway to see the Midnight Sun dipping behind the horizon is from Harstad’s Nupen mountain. Harstard’s stunning shores and rugged landscape are certainly it biggest claim to fame, and those who want to imbibe in it to the fullest aboard an RIB or kayak will uncover Mother Nature at her very best. Mile after mile of soaring mountain peaks, hidden tranquil coves, and fine white beaches are just the beginning.

Day 11 Honningsvåg (North Cape)

Stand at the top of the world, on the remote and beautiful northern frontier of Europe. Watch as the sun dips gently, before seemingly changing its mind and hovering, sticking around to cast a glorious nocturnal golden light across cliffs that drop to churning waves. There’s an ethereal, other-worldly atmosphere in mainland Europe’s most northerly location – feel it in the troll folklore that swirls, and the barren tundra landscapes that unravel. In winter, the Northern Cape bathes in seemingly eternal darkness, while summer’s months bring the Midnight Sun’s ceaseless light. Set so far to the north that trees are unable to grow here, the visitor centre tells this remote, barren landscape’s tales, and of its World War involvements.

Day 12 Alta

Think glorious white nights, expansive Scandinavian landscape and an extraordinary sense of adventure and you have Alta. This pretty town 375 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle is everything you expect from Norway. Despite Alta being located in Finnmark, Norway’s most northern region, the summer climate is very mild. This is largely thanks to its location on the inner part of the Alta fjord and the Gulf Stream. The fjord itself stretches for 38 kilometres in total and splits into two before pouring into the Norwegian Sea. Alta is truly the epitome of Norway – forests, mountains and traditional red wooden huts to one side, fjords, coastal landscapes and abundant marine life to the other. However, there is more to Alta than just meets the eye. The village is home to some 6,000 plus year old rock carvings. These exceptional examples of rock art prove the existence of humans in the far north in the prehistoric era.


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Guests capacity: 388
Crew capacity: 302
Built: 2001
Last refurbishment: 2018
Tonnage: 28,258 Tons



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Edinburgh (Leith) to Tromso
Duratin: 12 Days



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Edinburgh (Leith) to Tromso
Duratin: 12 Days