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A winter expedition cruise along the coast of Norway is a beautiful experience. The landscape is covered in pure white snow; the air is fresh, pure and crisp. Clusters of cosy houses glow on the shores like embers, and the stunning backdrop of snow-clad mountains reflects the polar twilight. Enjoy a 6, 7 or 12 day Classic Voyage with us to experience this beautiful season.


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  • Cross the Arctic Circle and hopefully see the Northern Lights..
  • Explore the gateway to the Arctic, Tromsø.
  • Enjoy a wide selection of exciting and interesting excursions, like the Husky Adventure, Lofotr Viking Feast, dog sledging, Snow Hotel and wilderness Adventure Camp.
  • As a part of our winter programme you can enjoy several on board actvities and excursions where the Arctic light is the main element.

November – March
Departs From
Northbound Voyage

Day 1-7

The journey begins

Location: Northbound Voyage

Day 1 Embarkation in Bergen

Our journey starts in Bergen. As we make our way north, you have the chance to enjoy interesting presentations and activities. Many of these activities happen out on deck or on land, so you get the chance to feel the crisp and fresh air. Enjoy the relaxed ambience of life on board and the opportunity to meet fellow passengers as you take in the spectacular winter landscapes.

Day 2 Alesund

We navigate through the skerries and islands further north before reaching the town renowned for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture, Ålesund. We recommend the excursion to Mount Aksla for a perfect winter panoramic view.

Day 3 The Royal City of Trondheim

Trondheim was Norway’s first capital. The storehouses along the river built on wooden stilts are a colourful contrast to the pure white snow that covers the city during winter.

Day 4 Arctic Circle and Lofoten Islands

As we cross the Arctic Circle the hunt for the Arctic light begins. This occasion is marked with an Arctic Circle baptism on deck. You have the chance to learn more about the Aurora Borealis and to experience an authentic Lofotr Viking Feast. Later we enter the dramatic and narrow Raftsund. If the weather and ice conditions allow it, we also sail to the entrance of the famous Trollfjord, where you can enjoy freshly made fish cakes on deck.

Day 5 Tromsø, the gateway to the Arctic

After a morning stop in Finnsnes, we continue to the Arctic capital Tromsø. Perhaps take part in a polar dog sledging excursion or a trip to Polaria. As we sail along the coast there is a chance of seeing the Northern Lights. We gather on deck to search for this breathtaking phenomenon.

Day 6 Honningsvåg and the North Cape

Honningsvåg is the nearest port to the North Cape. An excursion to this breathtaking site puts you at 71° 10’ 21” N, only 2,000 kilometres from the Geographical North Pole. Join the presentation of the Sámi culture and history in pictures, words and music. Later on we pass a rock formationthat is sacred to the Sámi people, Finnkirka. Enjoy the spectacular lighting on this famous rock. At the next port, Kjøllefjord you can join a snowmobile trip to Mehamn (*Available from 1 March), where you might see the Northern Lights on a clear, starlit sky.

Day 7 Kirkenes, the voyage turning point

The turning point of our Coastal Voyage is just 10 kilometres from the Russian border. Kirkenes is home to the fantastic Snow Hotel and the base for several exciting excursions, including dog sledging and King Crab fishing. Kirkenes also boasts several fascinating small museums, recounting the history and heritage of this remote frontier. The polar nights extend from 21 November to 21 January. It is not completely dark during this time; the light and colour in the sky are amazing when the weather is favourable.

Day 7-12

Location:Southbound Voyage

Day 7 Kirkenes, the voyage south begins

As we turn south the northbound ports visited by night are now visited during the day. In the afternoon the ship docks in Vardø. Depending on the weather conditions, we invite you to take an ice-dip in the Arctic Ocean!

Day 8 Hammerfest and Tromso

Before stopping in Hammerfest, you can enjoy an “Energy coffee” and a short introduction to “Melkøya – The northern- most natural gas terminal” on board. Our next major stop will be Tromsø where you have the option to take part in a very special musical experience, the Arctic Cathedral Midnight Concert.

Day 9 Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands

Enjoy the stunning views of sheltered bays and glorious mountain landscapes wrapped in the cloak of a polar winter. We stop at Stokmarknes – home to the Hurtigruten Museum, before continuing through the Raftsund, a picturesque and narrow channel between the Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands. As a tribute to the fishing history in Lofoten, our chef shows how to fillet the catch of the day on deck.

Day 10 Arctic Circle, Seven sisters

Enjoy a spectacular winter scenery of the picturesque Helgeland coast with its myriad islets and steep granite walls. As we cross the Arctic Circle again and sail past the famed peaks of the Seven Sisters we enter a world of legend and folklore.

Day 11 Trondheim and Kristiansund

Today you have the opportunity to explore the city of Trondheim again. Nidaros Cathedral, where three Queens and seven kings have been crowned, is Scandinavia’s largest medieval building. Later, on our way to kristiansund, you can see the steep, pointed and snow-covered peaks of the Romsdal Alps.

Day 12 Bergen, disembarkation

Today your journey with Hurtigruten has come to an end, but before we reach the finishing line there are still a few nautical miles of fascinating winter scenery ahead of us.


Price includes
  • Voyage in cabin grade of your choice on a full board basis
  • English speaking tour leader on board
  • Entrance fee to the Hurtigruten Museum (except on The Voyage North, due to the schedule)
Not included
  • Transfers
  • Optional excursions
  • Luggage handling

Hurtigruten has a flexible pricing system and all prices are capacity controlled and subject to availability. Prices may change at any time before departure date, the applicable price will be quoted at the time of booking.


  • All prices shown are in USD per person, based on two people sharing a twin cabin, voyage only
  • The ship departure date determines the price of your voyage
  • Not all cabin grades are available on all ships.
  • Single Supplement:
  • 2015: June, July – 75%
  • August – 75%
  • Supplement for suites available on request.



1 Jan – 1 Jun, 2 Nov – 31 Dec

Ports: Alesund

Duration: 2 hr

Level: 2 – For most guests, requires some physical effort

Code: H-AES2C


1 Jan – 1 Jun, 2 Nov – 31 Dec

Ports: Alesund

Duration: 2 hr

Level: 2 – For most guests, requires some physical effort

Code: H-AES2D


1 Jan – 2 Apr, 3 Sep – 31 Dec

Ports: Trondheim

Duration: 2 hr

Level: 1 – For everyone

Code: H-TRD3B


1 Jan – 2 Apr, 3 Sep – 31 Dec


Duration: 2 hr 30 min

Level: III – For guests in good physical condition

Code: H-TRD3F


15 Mar – 3 Nov

Ports: Bodo

Duration: 2 hr

Level: 3 – For guests in good physical condition

Code: H-BOO4D


1 Jan – 31 Mar, 1 Oct – 31 Dec

Ports: Stamsund

Duration: 3 hr

Level: 1 – For everyone

Code: H-STU4E


1 Jan – 31 Dec

Ports: TromsO

Duration: 2 hr 30 mins

Level: 1 – For everyone

Code: H-TOS5A


1 Jan – 30 Apr, 1 Nov – 31 Dec

Ports: Tromso

Duration: 3 hr 30 min

Level: 3 – For guests in good physical condition

Code: H-TOS5B


1 Jan – 15 Apr, 15 Oct – 31 Dec

Ports: Tromso

Duration: 2 hr 30 mins

Level: 2 – For most guests, requires some physical effort

Code: H-TOS5D


1 Jan – 31 Dec

Ports: Honningsvag

Duration: 3 hr

Level: 1 – For everyone

Code: H-HVG6A


1 March – 10 May, 15 Dec – 31 Dec

Ports: Kjollefjord

Duration: 2 hr 15 mins

Level: 3 – For guests in good physical condition

Code: H-KJD6D


01 Jan – 31 Dec

Ports: Honningsvag

Duration: 2 hr 30 mins


Code: H-HVG6H


1 Jan – 31 Dec

Ports: Kirkenes

Duration: 2 hr

Level: 1 – For everyone

Code: H-KKN7A


1 Jan – 5 May, 15 Dec – 31 Dec

Ports: Kirkenes

Duration: 2 hr 30 mins

Level: 3 – For guests in good physical condition

Code: H-KKN7C


1 Jan – 15 April, 15 Dec – 31 Dec

Ports: Kirkenes

Duration: 2 hr 30 mins

Level: 1 – For everyone

Code: H-KKN7D


1 Jan – 15 April, 1 Dec – 31 Dec

Ports: Kirkenes

Duration: 2 hr 30 mins

Level: 3 – For guests in good physical condition

Code: H-KKN7F



1 Jan – 31 Dec

Ports: Trondheim

Duration: 2 hr

Level: 1 – For everyone

Code: H-TRD11A


1 Jan – 31 Dec

Ports: Trondheim

Duration: 2 hr 15 mins

Level: 2 – For most guests, requires some physical effort

Code: H-TRD11D


1 Jan – 31 Dec

Ports: Bergen

Duration: 2 hr

Level: 2 – For most guests, requires some physical effort

Code: H-BGO12A


1 Jan – 15 Mar, 1 Jun – 15 Sep

1 Nov – 31 Dec

Ports: Hammerfest

Duration: 1 hr

Level: Level: 1 – For everyone

Code: H-HFT8B


1 Jan – 31 Dec

Ports: Tromso

Duration: 1 hr 15 mins

Level: Level: 1 – For everyone

Code: H-TOS8c


Jan 17 May, 08 Dec 31 Dec

Ports: Mehamn

Duration: 2 hr 30 mins

Level: 3 – For guests in good physical condition

Code: H-MEH8F


8 Nov 14 – 22 March 15 8 Nov – 31 Dec 15

Ports: Hammerfest

Duration: 1 hr 45 mins

Level: IV – For guests with very good physical mobility

Code: H-HFT8H


1 Jan – 31 Dec

Ports: Harstad

Duration: 4 hr 15 mins

Level: 1 – For everyone

Code: H-HRD9A


24 Mar – 15 Oct

Ports: Svolvaer

Duration: 2 hr

Level: 2 – For most guests, requires some physical effort

Code: H-SKN9C


Nov 1 – Mar 31

Ports: Svolvaer

Duration: 1 hr 30 mins

Level: 4 – For guests with very good physical mobility

Code: H-SVJ9F


01 Jan  22 Mar, 08 Nov  31 Dec


Duration: 2 hr

Level: 3 – For guests in good physical condition

Code: H-RIN9I


  • All guests must have a valid passport or government ID card on board.
  • We recommend taking a small amount of Norwegian Kroner (NOK) in cash, but all major credit cards are accepted on board.
  • You must provide your own travel insurance. Please provide us with the name and contact details of your insurer.
  • We recommend you take only hand luggage you can carry with you. Please pack any medications, passports, and other essentials in your hand luggage at all times.
  • There are no safety deposit boxes on board and Hurtigruten cannot accept liability for any loss. You may check in valuable at reception to be held in the ship’s safe.
  • 220v AC, 2 pin Continental type electricity is used on board. Please bring your own adaptor if needed.
  • We want your voyage to be as pleasant as possible. Hygiene is an essential part of this. Please be especially careful with hand hygiene during your voyage. Anti bacterial hand gel is available throughout the ship.
  • There is an Internet cafe on board (except MS Lofoten) but the bandwidth is narrow and reception intermittent. Wifi is also available in most public areas on board.
  • Laundry rooms are available on all ships.
  • It is safe to drink tap water on board.
  • There is no doctor or pharmacy on board and medical assistance is available at ports, or in an emergency, by helicopter. The ships are rarely far from land.


Maritime Expressions
  • Stern – Rear of the ship
  • Bow – Front of the ship
  • Starboard – Right side of the ship
  • Port – Left side of the ship
  • Bridge – The area from which the ship is navigated
  • Cruise card – Onboard payment card
  • Gangway – Walkway between land and sea
  • Knot – Speed of the ship, nautical mile (1.852km)
  • Stabilizers – Ship equipment to counteract roll caused by wind or waves


  • Casual Clothing
  • Water and Wind proof jacket
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Cap/hat
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Bathing suit
  • Backpack
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars
Activities on board

As a part of the travel -experience, we offer some interesting on board activities, demonstrations and presentations during your voyage. The activities, which take place inside the vessels and outside on deck, are related to the seasons and areas we are sailing in. We invite you to join in all these activities, which we will announce in the day-to-day programs or on board.

À la carte menu

Our à la carte menu is a dining experience out of the ordinary – a dinner made from ultra-premium produce from our local suppliers. For those who are taking a classic voyage, full board is included in the price, and you can upgrade to our à la carte option for a small fee. Even if you don’t have full board, you are still welcome to order our à la carte menu.

On most of our ships, the à la carte menu will be served in separate areas of the restaurants. However, on board MS Midnatsol, MS Trollfjord and MS Finnmarken we reserve separate dining rooms exclusively for our à la carte guests. Enjoy two-, three, four- or five-course dinners, and choose from four different starters, five main courses, four desserts and our famous cheese, Additional wine and drinks packages are also available. You can only book the à la carte menu when you are on board.


You can choose the cabin grade for all Classic coastal cruises (select package for Bergen – Kirkenes – Bergen, Bergen- Kirkenes and Kirkenes – Bergen)

Please note that passengers walking by may sometimes obstruct the view from cabins that are on decks with open access to outside areas. Please ask our reservations team for advice on the best cabin location for you.


You can buy hot and cold drinks and snacks in the cafeteria on board, which is usually open 24 hours a day. During the winter, opening hours may vary – these are displayed on board.

Changes to itinerary and excursions

The weather along the Norwegian Coast is unpredictable and might affect the itinerary or excursions. Our excursions may also be subject to a minimum or maximum limit in the number of participants. As Christmas approaches, itineraries may change, in order for ships to host dinners and celebrations for local communities.

Check in/out of cabins

Guest must check out of their cabins by 12:00, except at our major ports, which are listed below.


If you have made your booking with Hurtigruten through a Cruise Norway, then you must continue to make all communication with Hurtigruten through Cruise Norway.

We will usually confirm your holiday at the earliest opportunity and inform you on current flight times, prices, including any applicable supplements or extras, etc. It can take slightly longer to confirm your holiday, if you book during the high season or within eight weeks of departure. This is because we might have to request your cabin, flight or hotel space. We will send you an invoice to confirm your arrangement.

If you are travelling with friends and would like to receive separate documents, please let us know at the time that you make the booking. We will usually send you your travel documents approximately 7–14 days before departure.

Credit cards/payment options/currency in Norway

Norwegian currency is used on board. Most major currencies may be exchanged. Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Diners Card are all accepted on board. You can also sign up for cruise card, which you can use to pay for your extras while on board, then settle the account at the end of your voyage. This may be subject to change.

We suggest that you take a small amount of local currency, the Norwegian Kroner (NOK) in cash. Major credit cards are widely accepted in Norway, except possibly at smaller businesses. You may be asked to provide identification when you pay by credit card or exchange money.


The electric current supplied in the power sockets on board our ship is on the 220-volt AC standard, and requires a 2-pin continental-type plug. If you need power adapters or converters, please bring them with you.


In Bergen, the Hurtigruten ships sail from: Hurtigruten Terminal, Nøstegaten 30, N-5010 Bergen. If you are taking a taxi, you can simply ask the taxi driver to get you to “the Hurtigruten Terminal”. Luggage lockers are available in the terminal for a fee. The terminal is staffed and open for luggage check-in from 13:00 hrs. Passenger check-in begins at 15:00 hrs and boarding takes place from 16:00 hrs. Cabins are available from 18:00 hrs.

There are no restaurant facilities in the terminal and passengers are free to explore Bergen until embarkation time. A buffet dinner is served in the evening of departure from Bergen, usually between 18:00-21:00 with open seating this evening only. Round Voyage guests will find their table assignment for the rest of the voyage in the envelope they receive at check-in. When disembarking in Bergen, luggage will be delivered to the baggage belt in the terminal. On the last day of the round voyage you will be asked to vacate your cabin a few hours before arrival. Information regarding luggage handling and disembarkation at other ports is available on board.


We recommend that you pre-book excursions, as they may be fully booked if you wait until you are on board. Excursions booked on board must be paid for in Norwegian Kroner, which means that the price may vary as a result of exchange rate fluctuations. You can pre-book shore excursions until 4 weeks before departure. If you choose to pay by credit card, you can make pre-bookings until 2 weeks prior to departure. Excursions and their contents are subject to limits on the maximum and/or minimum number of participants, sailing times and weather/local conditions.

Fitness room/gym

Some of our ships have Jacuzzis and a fitness room.

Gratuity policy

It is not common practice to tip on Hurtigruten ships on the coastal voyage. However, if you feel that crewmembers should be rewarded for providing exceptional service, you will find tip boxes and envelopes in the restaurant on board.


If you need help booking a hotel room before or after your voyage with us, please contact our booking team. They will be happy to assist you. The standard of the hotels we use is equivalent to 3 or 4-star. There is no official hotel rating system in Norway. All rooms have private facilities (except for the Snow Hotel in Kirkenes). Single rooms may be smaller and less conveniently situated. Some single rooms may be double rooms for sole occupancy, while others can be purpose built single rooms. Hotels may charge for some facilities e.g. saunas.

Information meeting

There will be an information and safety meeting before departure from Bergen and Kirkenes. Each ship has an Expedition Leader on board who sells and provides advices on excursions, issues a daily programme and news bulletins, and makes announcements regarding places of interest, disembarkation, etc. Occasionally, the reception desk may provide this this service. All our expedition leaders speak Norwegian, English and German.


There is an internet café on board all our ships, except MS Lofoten. You will also find wireless networks in most public areas to connect laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. Be aware that the bandwidth is limited and the strength of the wireless signal varies.


Norwegian and English are the official on board languages. The personnel at the reception and some of the service crew often also speak German. The Tour Leader speaks Norwegian, English and German.


Laundry rooms with washing machines, dryers and irons are available on all ships. You can buy laundry payment tokens at the reception desk.

Local transport/travelling from port to port

On a short voyage, you can fly to one town, board the Hurtigruten and sail to another town, then fly back home again. This is the perfect solution for people who do not have the time to join us for the entire coastal voyage. Choose your point of departure and the number of nights you will spend on board, or ask us to compile a package for you. Many local residents use Hurtigruten to travel between our ports of call when they need to shop or visit friends or family.


Luggage handling is not included in the cost of your voyage. You will need to carry your own luggage on and off the ship, except when in the port of Bergen.


Breakfast is usually served from 0730hrs (open seating), lunch from 1200/1300hrs (open seating) and dinner from 1830 (assigned seating). During the high season, there may be two lunch and evening meal sittings – the times will be displayed on board. The voyage begins with a buffet dinner on departure from Bergen, and ends with brunch on the arrival day back in Bergen. Breakfast consists of a wide selection of cold meats, cheeses, eggs, cereals and fruit, with fresh-baked bread, pastries and often “sveler” (small pancakes) and waffles freshly cooked in the restaurant. The all-inclusive package includes a mixture of buffets and set menus for lunches and dinners, while for those guests who wish to enjoy an enhanced dining experience, the à la carte menu available for a small additional charge. All vessels are fully licensed, and the prices on board are similar to those on the Norwegian mainland.

Medical assistance and emergencies

There is no doctor or pharmacy on board. However, officers are trained in first aid and can provide emergency medical assistance. The ships are also close to land should urgent medical assistance be required.

Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the entire body of the sun is visible above the horizon 24 hours a day. This only happens north of the Arctic Circle. You can find the dates and locations for the Midnight Sun below.


We welcome passengers who are not fully mobile, and all our ships (except the MS Lofoten) have at least one cabin equipped for travellers using a wheelchair. Our sales consultants will also try to book appropriate hotel rooms for you, if necessary. Passengers who use a wheelchair must bring their own, standard size, foldable chair. Guests who are able to navigate around the ship unaided in a wheelchair do not need to have a travel companion. Passengers who need assistance may need to be accompanied by a helper. Please discuss this with your booking agent.

In Norwegian ports, there is a ramp or gangway for embarkation/disembarkation. The excursions we offer have not been adapted specifically for passengers with walking difficulties. Please talk to your booking agent or the expedition leader on board, for advice on excursions that could be suitable for you.

It is extremely important that you inform us of special requirements when you book, so that we can make the necessary arrangements to serve you.

Noise on board

Our ships function as working ships, calling at ports around the clock. You can expect some noise and vibration in some cabins during docking and loading of goods. This varies depending on the location of your cabin and the type of ship.


Pets and other animals, except for service animals, are not allowed on board our ships.

Polar nights

The polar night is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the night lasts for more than 24 hours, which means the sun is below the horizon. This only occurs north of the Arctic Circle. You can find the dates and locations for the polar nights below.


From Bergen to Kirkenes, all our coastal ships visit 34 ports. See Ports for more information.


The Norwegian State Railways operates an excellent, though limited, system of lines connecting Oslo with Bergen, Trondheim and Bodø. Most long-distance day trains have first- and second-class seats and a buffet car or refreshment trolley service. Public phones are available in all express trains and most intercity trains. The train doors are wide and there is space for bulky luggage, such as backpacks or skis.

Safety and welcome meeting

It is a safety requirement that all Hurtigruten passengers attend a compulsory safety briefing in Bergen before the ship leaves port. After check in and before embarkation, please go to the first floor of the terminal building, where the safety briefing will be given at intervals by Hurtigruten staff.

The briefing will last between between 10 and 15 minutes, with the first taking place at 15:45 (embarkation is from 16:00, also from the first floor). The talk will include a demonstration of how to put on a life jacket and the instructions to be followed in the unlikely event of an evacuation or other emergency during the voyage. All passengers must attend this briefing, including those who have travelled with Hurtigruten before. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, if you have any concerns. When you have completed the safety briefing, please embark straight away. The last briefing will take place at 19:30. Guests who arrive after this time will be required to attend a safety meeting on board at 20:00 before the ship leaves Bergen.

Please familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures as shown in the cabins (there are diagrams on the cabin doors and in public areas). Please ask at the reception if you have questions about this. In many ports, there may be a good deal of activity on the quay with cars joining/ leaving the ships and/or goods being loaded or unloaded. Please be alert to such traffic when embarking and disembarking. Be careful during winter months when it is icy underfoot, particularly on the outside decks and when disembarking the ship or alighting from coaches. You can buy ice spikes and other winter clothing in the ship’s store.


All our ships operate on a set timetable and schedule. When visiting ports along the route, please make sure that you are back on board in time. The departure time is displayed at the gangway. Unfortunately, because of our schedule, our ships cannot wait for delayed passengers. If you miss your ship’s departure, you will need to travel to the next harbour by yourself and at your own expense.


All our ships have a shop on board. The shops sell local products, souvenirs, knitwear, books, postcards, postage stamps and a limited supply of toiletries. On MS Lofoten, the cafeteria handles this service.


Smokers are welcome to smoke in the designated areas on the outside decks. However, smoking is not permitted when the ships are in port and fuelling. The staff will inform you when smoking outside is not allowed. Smoking in the cabin is prohibited and anyone who does so will be fined.

Special requests

If you have any special requests (e.g. dietary or medical), please inform us at the time of booking. We will do our very best to meet such requests, but cannot guarantee to do so. Therefore, we cannot accept such requests as a part of our contractual agreements.


With the exception of MS Lofoten, all of our vessels are equipped with stabilizers.

Telephones/mobile phones

You can use your mobile telephone on board, although the quality of the signal may vary. Check with your provider for costs when using your phone abroad.


Transfers may be operated by private coach, scheduled airport coach or train, minibus or private car and are usually unaccompanied. We will forward the full details with your travel documents, including the “Arrival and Departure Information” brochure.

In Bergen, Oslo, Kirkenes, Trondheim and Tromsø, transfers are included in your package, if you have booked our arrival and departure package. If your booking doesn’t include any transfers, you may still be able to book some of the transfers before departure or buy the ticket from the bus driver.


Do not carry large amounts of cash and keep valuable items, including mobile telephones and cameras, out of sight.


The ships can accommodate cars. This means that you can combine a coastal voyage with a road trip by travelling with us. Also, if you want to take a break from driving and are considering booking hotel accommodation, Hurtigruten is an excellent alternative.

What to wear/dress code

The dress code on board our ships is casual, although some passengers choose to change for dinner. The weather in Norway can vary during the course of each voyage, or even during the day. To cater for these variations, we recommend a layered dress approach, so that you can easily adapt to changes in temperature, wind and precipitation conditions. For all voyages, you should bring along breathable rain and windproof clothing. A warm hat, gloves, scarf and thermal clothing can be useful, together with thermal underwear, during the winter months. On land where it may be icy, sturdy shoes are important for shore excursions. A walking stick/trekking pole may also be useful.

What languages are spoken onboard ?

Ship announcements on board are made in several languages. Norwegian and English are the official languages on board and spoken by all staff. Some of the crew also speak German as well as the Tour Leader.

What time do i need to check out of cabin ?

Check out times change according to the ship’s timetable and may vary from day to day. If you are travelling in a suite, different check out times may apply. Please contact reception for more information.

What facilities will be in my cabin ?

Facilities vary between ships and cabin grades. Towels and shower gel/liquid soap are provided. All cabins (except on MS Lofoten and some cabins on MS Vesterålen) also have a hairdryer. Tea/coffee making facilities are available in suites only.

What do you provide for children on board ?

There are cots available to hire on board; a limited number can be pre-booked. Please note that cots will not fit in all cabins. There is a play area for children on board (except MS Lofoten).

Is there access for wheelchairs / disabled passengers?

With the exception of MS Lofoten, all our ships have elevators and at least one wheelchair accessible cabin. Please contact our reservations department for further information and advise us at the time of booking if special transfers need to be arranged. Passengers in wheelchairs must travel with a companion who can assist them.

What entertainment is there on board ?

There is usually live music in the bar area during the evening and occasional visits by local choirs and musicians, but there is no organized entertainment program.

Are gratuities expected by the staff ?

It is not common practice to tip on Hurtigruten ships in Norway. If you feel that a crew member should be rewarded for exceptional service, this is entirely at your discretion

Does the ship stop at night ?

Hurtigruten ships are working vessels operating a regular service. They carry goods, vehicles and passengers between ports night and day. Some ports are arrived at in the middle of the night and you can expect some noise and vibration in some cabins during loading of goods. This varies depending on the location of your cabin and the type of ship. Please ask our reservation team’s advice on the best cabin for you.

What times are meals served ?

Usual meal times are:

-Breakfast from 7:30 – 10:00 (open seating)

-Lunch from 12:00/13:00 (open seating)

-Dinner from 18:30/19:00 (assigned seating)

During high season there may be two meal sittings.

The food is Norwegian and breakfast is buffet style. Lunch is the famous Cold Table with a choice of fish, cold meats, salads and also a selection of hot dishes. Dinner is a three-course set meal.

Should I book excursion in advance ?

Pre-booking excursions, where possible, is recommended as only remaining places will be sold on board. Excursions booked on board are payable in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) and the price may vary as a result of exchange rate fluctuations. You can pre-book up to four weeks before departure, or by credit card up to two weeks before departure.

Can I smoke on board ?

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas on the outside decks. It is not permitted when the ships are in port. Throwing cigarette ends overboard is strictly prohibited, please use the ashtrays provided. Smoking in the cabins is prohibited and subject to a fine of NOK 1500

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Destination: Hurtigruten: Classic Winter Voyages Duration: 12-7-6 Days

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