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Immerse yourself in the full Brazilian experience. Explore the lush coast of Rio de Janeiro as you trek to the iconic Christ the Redeemer. From traversing the colorful streets of Recife to beach hopping in Itajai, there is a never-ending supply of sun and fun.

Ship: World Navigator
Duration: 14 days

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Roundtrip airfare • Top-shelf beverages • Elevated accommodations • Butler service for suites • In-room indulgence: Enjoy L’Occitane products • Self-care on us with yoga, mat Pilates and Spinning®️ • Enriching classes • A Complimentary adventure in select ports • Gourmet international dining • Prepaid gratuities

Recife, Brazil

Recife, one of the largest cities in northern Brazil, offers explorers a diverse array of neighborhoods to discover. From palm-fringed beaches like Boa Viagem to the colorful streets, markets, and colonial architecture of Old Town, this destination makes for the ultimate traveler’s playground.

The capital of northern Brazil’s Pernambuco has gained a reputation for its geographic features and architecture. With plenty of rivers, bridges, peninsulas, and islets to explore, you will never have a boring moment roaming its streets. Some of the tallest buildings in the country line the horizon as you approach Recife’s shores, giving it the look and feel of a modern, cosmopolitan city.

But Recife’s past holds its own allure as you soon find with a jaunt down to historic Old Town. Colorful streets and architecture amid the local Mercado do Sao Jose bring the city’s vibrancy to life. The structures of Praca da Republica, Catedral de Sao Pedro dos Clerigos, and Teatro Santa Isabel call out with their stories if you are willing to listen.

Brazilian cuisine lures you in with a dynamic fusion of Dutch, Spanish, Moor, African, and Indian cultures. Rich flavors like roasted goat and queijo coalho, a fried cheese dish often served as an appetizer with garlic, tantalize the taste buds as you feast. Make sure to sample Recife’s signature dessert, cartola. The sweet and salty combination of caramelized bananas with a layer of mild cheese is to die for.

Cruising the Brazilian Coast

Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore.

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Salvador’s rich mix of colonial and African influences gives you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the energy of Afro-Brazilian culture. From the food to the arts to the music, as well as the hip, bohemian vibe of newer neighborhoods, the capital of Brazil’s state of Bahia plunges you into a diverse and authentic experience made for adventure.

The former capital of Portugal’s New World colony lies along Brazil’s northeast Atlantic coast. Colonial architecture in vibrant, pastel colors perfectly display the city’s complex identity and cultural influences. Museums like Misericordia and Bahia Museum of Modern Art give travelers a glimpse into the culture’s history and art for a chance to truly understand the locals.

A climb up the steps of the black and white Barra Lighthouse affords sensational views of the Bay of All Saints. From here, you feel the sea breeze blow through your hair while you take in the expansive scene of the bay on one side and tropical palms and lush green on the other. The rush of waves lapping against the lighthouse’s stone fortress create the soundtrack of your explorations.

Forte da Capoeira, a former state prison, now acts as the site to catch a demonstration of a mesmerizing capoeira performance. This unique Brazilian practice stems from African traditions that combine

Cruising the Brazilian Coast

Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore.

Buzios, Brazil

Buzios, the vibrant heart of Brazil, surrounds you with amazing beaches and high-energy vibes that always feel on the verge of carnaval. Cobblestone streets in its historic districts take you on a journey to the past for a deep dive into how the city came to be. The taste of authentic ethnic and international cuisine that erupts with flavor takes you on a culinary adventure through Brazil’s rich culture.

The resort town of Buzios lies on a peninsula east of Rio de Janeiro. Once a quiet fishing village, it now attracts many visitors with its pristine beaches and mild, tropical climate. But it never feels crowded. It comes alive with just the right mix of travelers and locals.

Praia do Forno offers a unique beach experience with red sands, rocky shorelines, and sea green waters. This beach is less frequented by tourists, providing a more tranquil and remote experience. It has all the benefits of a day spent sunbathing and swimming with less noise and a rare environment.

An experience that mixes the rustic with the touristic calls for a visit to Praia da Tartaruga. Shallow waters and a smooth stone path dividing the sandy shore in two make it a laid back atmosphere for a quieter beach day. You may even spot a sea turtle as you snorkel the beach’s clear waters.

When making your way through Buzios, it’s impossible not to sample the local fare. Flavors of jerk beef, fried potatoes, and Brazil’s unforgettable version of barbecue — churrascaria – create a festival for the taste buds

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro invokes images of a never-ending festival as one of the most celebrated cities in the world. From dancing samba on the beach of Ipanema to exploring the art deco influences of Copacabana, it is vibrant with life. The iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, seen for miles in any direction, encapsulates the city’s grand feel.

The capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro lies on the southeastern tropical zone of South America along the Atlantic coast. Its pleasant, year-round climate make it a hot destination for beach hopping. Along the shores of Ipanema, lined with cosmopolitan skyscrapers, you find a lively crowd to join for a day of playing in the waves and sun.

On the mouth of Guanabara Bay on a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean lies the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain. A cable car ride to the top provides exhilarating, bird’s-eye views of the city as it expands from the city structures out to the lush green cliffs and into blue waters. Once you ascend and reach the peak, panoramas of the city’s natural beauty will take your breath away.

The colorful personality of Rio de Janeiro extends to its architectural designs, as seen in the iconic Selaron Steps. A world-famous set of stairs decorated with vibrant, mosaic tiles is the captivating work of Chilean-born artist Jorge Selaron, who claimed the art display his “tribute to the Brazilian people.” Surrounded by verdant palm trees and other vegetation, these steps capture the true spirit of the city.

Paraty, Brazil

The former gold rush town of Paraty contains plenty of treasures. History lives on amid the well-preserved colonial buildings and cobblestone streets of Old Town. The forests and trails of Bocaina National Park lead to dramatic waterfalls and the chatter of countless birds and monkeys. A balance between a rich past and lush natural wonders, Paraty holds a great deal for the adventurous traveler.

Paraty offers visitors a taste of Brazil’s famous beaches. Praia da Trindade provides some particularly enchanting and sweeping views. Surrounded by verdant mountains and crystal blue waters, the sandy shores of this beach make the perfect picture for a postcard to send back home to friends.

For a more adventurous endeavor, check out Cachoeira da Pedra que Engole near Praia do Meio. This translates to “swallowing stone,” a natural geological formation where you can ride the flow of a waterfall between the smooth rocks and into a small cave. You cannot beat the thrill of letting Mother Nature take you on a wild ride.

Walking down the cobblestone streets of Old Town, you feel like you have stepped through time. Colonial-style houses and buildings with brightly colored accents and doors display the vibrant Brazilian culture born of various influences. Shop owners and artisans line the streets selling their wares, while locals loiter on their doorsteps enjoying a cool breeze. It makes for a serene stroll through the district.

Cruising the Brazilian Coast

Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore.

Itajai/Florianopolis, Brazil

The port city of Itajai, home to famous surf beaches like Praia Brava and Praia do Atalaia, offers a stunning array of sandy shores and natural wonders. Known for mesmerizing beaches, delicious seafood cuisine, and as a hot spot for surfing, the enchanting capital of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, beckons you to let loose your wild side.

Itajai, located in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, contains so much for the explorer hungry for adventure. Beaches like Praia da Laranjeiras let you dive into crystal blue waters while surrounded by white, sandy shores and lush green mountain views. Take a cable car over the mountain separating Laranjeiras from the central beach for a magnificent aerial view of the scenery.

Among the many natural formations throughout Brazil, the six-meter tall rock known as Parrot’s Beak delights all visitors. Named for its unique shape, this popular spot gives you the opportunity to strike a pose with one of Itajai’s most famous sites. Behind the gray rocks lies an expansive view of the Atlantic Ocean and most often blue skies. Absolutely picture perfect.

Florianopolis lies off the southern coast of Brazil, providing an endless bounty of beaches. From catching waves at Joaquina Beach to enjoying the secluded tranquility of Galheta Beach, Florianopolis gives you the chance to bask in all the natural beauty Brazil has to offer. Beyond the beaches lie the grounds of São José da Ponta Grossa Fortress. This old stone structure beckons you to explore its storied past.

Cruising the Brazilian Coast

Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este holds some of the finest beaches on the coast that call to you to play, sunbathe, or splash in the azure Atlantic Ocean. Playa Brava and Playa Mansa, “wild beach” and “tame beach,” respectively, perfectly depict the natural diversity along Uruguay’s coast. From rowdy waves to calm waters, it’s up to you to choose what kind of adventure you will have.

With a rich, cosmopolitan look and feel, Punta del Este has been compared to the likes of Cannes and Miami for its lively energy. Skyscrapers line the sandy shores of beaches, inviting travelers to explore the city’s modern treasures.

Among the contemporary architecture lie relics like Casapueblo, a structure that once stood as an art workshop turned museum but now acts as a boutique hotel. It’s the perfect example of how Uruguay incorporates its past into its present.

No one can resist the urge to capture an epic selfie with “La Mano,” the gigantic sculpted hand reaching out of the golden sands at Playa Brava. The sculpted fingers reaching toward blue skies give the impression of a sleeping giant ready and waiting to wake up and live life. Snap a photo at sunset for a positively beautiful shot that cannot compare.

Uruguay’s reputation for the art of cooking meat makes it a top choice for foodie travelers, and Punta del Este is no different. It’s seaside location also makes it a number one pick for fresh seafood meals that will leave explorers hungry for more. A rich mix of flavors in the city’s local fare makes it an adventure for the taste buds as well.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay’s cool capital city Montevideo calls out with its cobbled streets, wide avenues, colonial buildings, and verdant cityscapes along the waterfront, known as the rambla. Outdoor markets prove a treasure hunt as you explore the local wares and fresh produce. The city also makes for a gastronomic adventure with freshly caught fish, pasta, wines, and desserts, all prepared in the European way.

The capital of Uruguay lies along Montevideo Bay and was built around Plaza Independencia, the former site of a Spanish citadel. Colonial-style structures and tropical palm trees lead the way to Ciudad Vieja, the old town. Modern shops and restaurants tucked away between old buildings amid the bustle of everyday life give you the chance to experience the best of Montevideo’s past and present.

To get social with the locals, share in their tradition of drinking yerba mate. Everywhere you go in Uruguay you see people drinking the strong, herbal tea out of cups that look like gourds, sipping through a long, thick straw. Custom calls for passing around the cup to share. Slurping down a shared mate makes for a quintessential Uruguayan experience.

For the full color and vibrant life of the city, head to Mercado del Puerto. Here you find a 19th century restored building that houses various stalls and eateries to get the best fare Uruguay offers. The port market is home to some of the finest asado (barbecue) in the country. As you take in the savory scents and energetic sounds of the market, you get a true sense of what makes Montevideo alive.


The World Navigator is a 2021-built polar-class ship with a leading technology and propulsion system. She is a small luxury ship with 98 well-appointed staterooms, four dining venues, a show lounge/auditorium, and a SeaSpa operated in partnership with L’Occintane. There are 18 zodiacs for expedition adventures, kayaks, paddleboards, polar tents and much more. The six guest decks of World Navigator bring you countless opportunities for immersion as you soak up dazzling ocean views along the way. From profound pampering at SeaSpa by L’Occitane to an afternoon perfecting your Queen’s Gambit in the library/game room, World Navigator challenges you to let go and live in the moment.

Ship Specifications

Length: 126m / 413’
Beam: @Water 19m /62’
Gross Tons: 9923t
Guest Decks: 6
Accommodations: 98
Cruising Speed: 16 kt / 18mph



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Intense Brazil Samba & Sun
Duratin: 14 Days