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We are experts in Norway, the Arctic, Antarctica and cruising expeditions worldwide.

Cruise Norway will help you discover the most pristine and less-traveled reaches of the planet! Travel to the Far North to experience Norway, the North Cape, Greenland, Spitsbergen, or even the North Pole.  Unique in the world, the Arctic ecosystem reveals spectacular fjords where turquoise icebergs glimmer in the Northern light and polar bears hunt in the midnight sun.

Or, we can take you to Antarctica where you’ll stand on the most Southern ice shelf among an astonishing explosion of wildlife.  Like an explorer from the past, you’ll sail near monolithic icebergs among the whales, seals, sea birds and penguins.

Beyond the earth’s pole regions, we’ve curated the best Worldwide Expeditions, luxury and exploration style cruises available.  Discover exotic rivers, remote tropical islands and ancient lands where you’ll immerse your body and soul in the wonders of world civilizations and natural beauty.