MS Maud is designed to explore the magnificent Norwegian coast and polar areas in ultimate comfort, with advanced equipment and a sustainable profile.

MS Maud (MS Midnatsol prior to the makeover) is named for the Viking explorer, also known as Eric the Red. He discovered, named and settled Greenland in the 10th century.

Like its namesake, MS Maud is a great adventurer, meant to explore the rugged Norwegian coastline all year long. MS Maud has a modern design and progressive environmental profile. The interior’s bright, colourful décor is inspired by Norway’s sunny summer days, a motif reflected in many of the pieces of Norwegian modern art on board. The vessel’s sun deck and hot tub are on deck 9. Key features on MS Maud include a spacious, two-storey panorama lounge above the bow. Its wall-to-wall windows bathe the lounge in natural light and provide extraordinary views.

MS Maud is an ice class 1C ship and is equipped with advanced technology that makes her exceptionally well suited for expedition cruises in Norway.

Ship Specifications

Year of construction 2003 (Year of refurbishment: 2021)
Ship yard Fosen Mek. Verk (N)
Beds 528
Gross tonnage 16,140
Beam 21.5
Speed 15

Low impact exploration

MS Maud will soon be equipped with a battery pack, allowing it to sail into pristine polar areas without air and water emissions. The ship will also have shore power connections installed, to cut all emissions when docked in ports with shore power facilities.

Its engines are being substantially upgraded into low-emission motors, complying with all known and upcoming regulations. A number of other technical upgrades will contribute to greater savings in fuel and emissions.

Facilities on board MS Maud

Cabins and public areas

Norway´s stunning scenery is reflected in the ship´s interior design. Comfortable cabins and suites feature natural Scandinavian materials, such as granite, oak, birch and wool. Our stylish and welcoming public areas create great places to watch the world´s most beautiful coastline pass by.

Science Center

The hub of onboard learning is our Science Center, an edutainment venue where guests and crew meet to create a deeper understanding of the areas we explore.


Our three onboard restaurants have menus drawn from Norwegian traditions, as well as international cuisine. Whether enjoying your meal at Aune Main Dining, Fredheim – the informal international meeting place, or the specialty restaurant Lindstrøm, you can expect honest and delicious cuisine that reflects our destinations.

Wellness and Relaxation

After a day of exploring, guests can relax and rejuvenate in the hot tubs, excercise in the gym, take in the scenery in the elegant Explorer Lounge, surf on the wifi network, or browse the onboard shop.

Onboard Expedition Team

MS Maud has its own on-board Expedition Team and serves as a virtual university at sea. Interesting lectures, presentations and activities indoors as well as out on deck make for exciting and educational journeys. Topics depend on the season and waters we sail in. The Expedition Team hosts a lecture and presentations programme and evening gatherings daily.

Out on deck you can take part in live points of interest sessions to learn more about the nature, culture and other phenomena we encounter during the cruise. In addition, the Expedition Team will introduce you to the uniquely Norwegian notion of `friluftsliv’ (outdoor life) and encourage you join in hikes and activities during the journey. We provide the basic gear needed.

Deck Overview

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