MS Nordkapp is named after the famous North Cape, which is a cape on the island of Magerøya in northern Norway, in the municipality of Nordkapp.

MS Nordkapp is named after on of the highlights of the Hurtigruten voyage, the northernmost point of mainland Europe, the North Cape (71°N). It has attracted explorers since it was named by Richard Chancellor who was passing the cape in 1553 while searching for the Northeast passage. The ship was built in 1996, and on board you are surrounded by artworks from the renowned Norwegian artists, Karl Erik Harr. MS Nordkapp is part of the ship class built in the 1990s and has been upgraded with junior suites and Jacuzzis. The godmother of MS Nordkapp is Norway’s Queen Sonja.

MS Nordkapp was refurbished in 2016 and now features a modern, Arctic-inspired interior. On board are three different restaurants, a Multe bakery and ice cream bar, a sauna and a fitness room. Out on deck you can enjoy the view from one of our two hot tubs. There’s also a cozy bar at the front of the ship where you can enjoy a nice traditional drink, as well as a large compass area with reception, tour guide, conference room and shop.

MS Nordkapp was christened by Norway’s Queen Sonja in March 1996 and her maiden voyage was to the Shetland Islands. The ship started sailing the Norwegian coast in April 1996. She has also sailed in Antarctica. Since 2007, the vessel has been part of Hurtigruten’s fleet of ships dedicated to sailing the Norwegian coastline.

Ship Specifications

Year of construction 1996
Year of refurbishment 2016
Ship yard Kværner Kleven, Norway
Passenger capacity 590
Beds 480
Car capacity 24
Gross tonnage 11,386
Length 123.3
Speed 18 knots

Special Features

  • Expedition Team
  • Refurbished in 2016
  • Three restaurants
  • Multe bakery and ice cream bar
  • Explorer bar lounge
  • Panorama lounge
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sauna
  • Fitness room
  • Elevator
  • Conference room
  • Car deck
  • Hot tub

Parking spaces on board

Please note the following dimensions for vehicles:

Max Length: 650 cm/ 21.3 ft
Max Breadth: 245 cm/ 8 ft
Max Height: 220 cm/ 7.2 ft
Max Weight: 5000 kg/ 11,023 lbs


Expedition Suite

Our Expedition Suites are the most luxurious cabins on board. Situated on the upper deck of the ship, the cabins feature seating areas with TV, bathrooms with shower/WC, and most with double beds. An exciting welcome gift awaits all suite guests in their cabin. Some suites have more facilities than others.


Arctic Superior

Relaxation and comfort are the hallmarks of our Arctic Superior cabins. Situated on both the upper and middle decks, these suites have double beds, a TV, bathrooms with shower and WC, and tea and coffee-making facilities. All cabins have individual specifications.


Polar Inside

Our cozy Polar Inside cabins are found on all decks and include bathrooms with shower/WC. The cabins have separated single beds, one of which doubles as a sofa, or upper and lower berths. All the cabins have individual specifications.


Polar Outside

Our Polar Outside cabins are situated mostly on the middle or lower decks and all have bathrooms with shower/WC. Most of the cabins have separated single beds, one of which converts into a sofa, or upper and lower berths. A few of the cabins have double beds. All the cabins have individual specifications.

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