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World Voyager - 198 Guests


Embark on the journey of a lifetime aboard our newest yacht with more time spent exploring for a true expedition experience. Navigate the famous Drake Passage at the beginning of your voyage, so you can still lay claim to the iconic experience and watch for blue petrels overhead as they guide your way. As you enter the Antarctic seas, you’re greeted by monumental icebergs and a pristine serenity that inspires a sense of awe. Witness incredible wildlife, as young elephant seals return to land and penguins begin nesting and breeding. When it’s time to go, enjoy a flight back over the Drake to King George Island. Here, your FREE private charter jet service awaits to bring you back to Punta Arenas for your journey back home. This expedition includes the following:

FREE private charter jet service between Punta Arenas and King George Island, and between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia
FREE 1-night pre-cruise hotel stay in Buenos Aires
FREE 1-night post-cruise hotel stay in Punta Arenas
FREE cultural immersion in Punta Arenas


    • Port charges applies: 350 USD p.p.




    Rates are listed per person in USD
    Start DateEnd DateAO Adventure Oceanview
    Nov 20, 2024Nov 27, 2024inf 7,749
    Rates are listed per person in USD
    Start DateEnd DateAO Adventure Oceanview
    Nov 20, 2024Nov 27, 2024inf 7,749


    Day 1    Ushuaia, Argentina    Depart: 6:00PM
    Although its nickname the “End of the World” – derived from its location along the southernmost tip of South America among the Tierra del Fuego archipelago – Ushuaia is far from the end of any adventure. Where the Andes meet the Beagle Channel and the snow-capped Martial Mountains sit behind a sprawling city of colorful buildings, lies a lively town ready and waiting to take you on the thrill ride of a lifetime. Scenes like Parque Yatana give you the chance to immerse yourself in the rich, indigenous culture.

    Day 2-3   Drake Passage Navigation  
    Navigating the intrepid Drake Passage is made for the boldest of explorers. Petrels and albatrosses that glide across the skies guide the way. To witness its awesome power makes the journey to Antarctica all the more triumphant.
    The Drake Passage leads you from the southernmost region of the Americas to the Antarctic Peninsula, the northern point of The White Continent. This waterway where cold southern ocean meets warm northern sea water creates powerful currents that test your mettle.
    But the rewards for the journeyer that braves these waters do not compare. The meeting of warm and cold waters creates an environment that attracts extraordinary wildlife. Drake Passage offers the chance to witness the likes of humpback whales and hourglass dolphins that accompany the voyage. The soundtrack of the 48-hour journey through the Drake Passage includes the crash of the ocean against the ship and the cry of petrels, skuas, and gulls.
    While the waterway is famous for its challenging navigation, you may still get another side of the Drake Passage. On some occasions, the channel is calm and tranquil, making for a pleasant voyage into Antarctica. That’s one of the more splendid characteristics of the Drake Passage – you never know what you will get.
    As you emerge from the Drake Passage, the mammoth, icy peaks of the South Shetland Islands loom ahead, greeting you on your victorious landing. You have completed the rite of passage to explore the seventh continent.

    Day 4-6    Exploring Antarctica- Captain’s Choice  
    Nicknamed The White Continent for its vast expanse of icebergs, snow and glaciers, Antarctica is often the final frontier for experienced explorers to conquer. As you navigate Antarctic waters, you may set foot on sites like Beak Island, Brown Bluff, Cierva Cove, Hidden Bay and many more. Each landing throughout the continent offers its own unique landscape, from expansive tundra to rugged mountain peaks, all beckoning you to follow the paths that few explorers have trekked before.
    CAPTAIN’S CHOICE – Captain’s Choice ports of call add to the sense of adventure and an element of surprise. Your ship’s captain will sail around changing weather conditions as needed and take you to the best areas for wildlife viewing.

    Day 7  Exploring the South Shetland Islands - Captain’s Choice, Antarctica  
    Part of the greater Antarctica region, the South Shetland Islands contain plenty of wildlife, scenic landscapes, hiking opportunities and magnificent viewpoints that inspire a sense of discovering another world. A possible landing on Elephant Island, named for the shape of its cliffside and the elephant seals that call it home, puts you on the same path as the famous Shackleton Expedition. Deception Island, another possible landing and named for its very nature, is in fact a volcanic caldera where you can find heated springs amid the striking black sands. Other stops could include Half Moon Island, Yankee Harbor, Point Wild and Barrientos Island, where you can find plenty of Gentoo penguin rookeries.
    CAPTAIN’S CHOICE – Captain’s Choice ports of call add to the sense of adventure and an element of surprise. Your ship’s captain will sail around changing weather conditions as needed and take you to the best areas for wildlife viewing.

    Day 8    King George Island, South Shetland Islands   Arrive: 8:00AM
    Your charter flight lands in or departs from Eduardo Frei Montalva Station on King George Island, the Chilean air base for Antarctica expeditions with flight options over the Drake Passage. Lying within the Fildes Peninsula, where Chile laid claim to Antarctic territory, the base is an important research station. Made up of over 40 buildings that include a school, bank, hospital and post office, it resembles more a small village than a base. King George Island has come to be known as the unofficial capital of Antarctica with its various research stations located on the island. As a haven for an incredible amount of wildlife, including chinstrap and Gentoo penguins, and elephant, leopard and Weddell seals, it’s a prime locale for scientific research.

    World Voyager (Luxury Expedition, 198-guests)

    Experience extraordinary Antarctica to the fullest and in the shortest amount of time aboard our newest yacht, World Voyager. Our NEW Drake Express option lets you fly straight into King George Island off the coast of Antarctica and over the Drake Passage both ways to maximize your boots on the ground exploration time. Or spend more time exploring the Antarctica Peninsula by flying over the Drake Passage one way and still lay claim to the iconic experience of sailing the other direction with our NEW Drake Fly & Sail options.

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    FREE cultural immersion on every voyage
    FREE dining venues with ever-changing menus
    FREE unlimited beverages, including fine wines, spirits and craft beers
    FREE open bars and lounges, including 24-hour bar service with specialty canapés
    FREE stocked in-room minibar
    FREE specialty coffees, teas and fresh-pressed juices
    FREE afternoon and high tea
    FREE champagne and gourmet canapés during meet and greet
    FREE 24-hour room service, including spirits, wine and beer
    FREE L'OCCITANE bath amenities
    FREE pre-paid gratuities
    FREE use of walking sticks and binoculars
    FREE reusable water bottle
    FREE butler service and expanded room service menu in suites


    FREE private charter jet service*
    FREE enrichment lectures and destination briefings
    FREE shore landings led by expert field guides
    FREE escorted sightseeing safaris by Zodiac
    FREE polar plunge
    FREE Atlas Ocean Voyages parka and vest
    FREE use of knee boots
    FREE private group transfers between airport and yacht*
    FREE 1-Night Pre-Cruise Hotel Stay on Antarctica Expeditions
    FREE 1-Night Post-Cruise Hotel Stay on select Antarctica Expeditions

    *Available on Antarctica and select Arctic expeditions

    Trip delay and medical evacuation coverage included at no additional cost


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