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Viking Octantis - 378 Guests

Antarctica & South Georgia Island
Explore Uncharted Territory

19 Day Buenos Aires/Ushuaia to Ushuaia

Set sail from Ushuaia to the Falkland Islands, renowned for their spectacular landscapes with rugged coves and white-sand beaches. Call at South Georgia, one of the least visited places on Earth, and witness towering glaciers and magnificent icebergs of the “Last Continent.” Explore the untamed beauty of Antarctica on board Viking’s state-of-the-art expedition vessel and experience a journey like no other to one of the world’s last unexplored territories.




  • Catch a glimpse of Gentoo penguins, Weddel seals and blue whales
  • Shore landings offer amazing opportunities for wildlife viewing
  • Included RIB excursions present stunning scenery for photos
  • Cross-country ski or snowshoe into the peninsula’s interior
  • Excursions include an undersea dive in a panoramic submarine
  • As a citizen scientist, assist onboard scientists with research
  • Gain bragging rights for crossing the legendary Drake Passage


Rates are listed per person
Start DateEnd DateFrom EURFrom USD
Dec 15, 2024Jan 02, 202517,175 18,295
Jan 23, 2025Feb 10, 202520,649 21,995
Feb 20, 2025Mar 10, 202518,771 19,995
Nov 10, 2025Nov 28, 202516,894 17,995
Dec 19, 2025Jan 06, 202618,771 19,995
Jan 27, 2026Feb 14, 202620,649 21,995
Feb 24, 2026Mar 14, 202618,771 19,995
Rates are listed per person
Start DateEnd DateFrom EURFrom USD
Dec 15, 2024Jan 02, 202517,175 18,295
Jan 23, 2025Feb 10, 202520,649 21,995
Feb 20, 2025Mar 10, 202518,771 19,995
Nov 10, 2025Nov 28, 202516,894 17,995
Dec 19, 2025Jan 06, 202618,771 19,995
Jan 27, 2026Feb 14, 202620,649 21,995
Feb 24, 2026Mar 14, 202618,771 19,995


Day 1  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Day 2  Ushuaia, Argentina
Day 3  Sail the South Atlantic Ocean
Day 4  West Point Island, Falkland Islands
Day 5  Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
Day 6-7  Sail the South Atlantic Ocean
Day 8-10  Explore South Georgia
Day 11  Sail the South Atlantic Ocean
Day 12-16  Explore Antarctica
Day 17  Sail the Drake Passage
Day 18  Scenic Sailing: Cape Horn
Day 19  Ushuaia, Argentina

Day 1 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Arrive and check in to your hotel. Buenos Aires, Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital, is an eclectic combination of Latin and European influences. The tree-lined streets and postcolonial architecture draw on the city’s Spanish, French and Italian heritage, while the many cafés and bodegas and vibrant nightlife are decidedly Argentine. Its barrios, or neighborhoods, exude an intimate atmosphere that belies the city’s size. Full of bohemian flair, historic San Telmo’s cobblestone streets and Belle Époque–style buildings reverberate with the mesmerizing melodies of the tango.

Day 2 Ushuaia, Argentina
After breakfast, check out of your hotel and fly to your embarkation city. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. Its splendid setting, tucked between the Beagle Channel and the southernmost slopes of the Andes, lends it an outpost atmosphere, as do the Antarctic explorers readying for the expeditions that depart from here. Ushuaia is the capital of and gateway to the celebrated Tierra del Fuego, the “Land of Fire,” named by Spaniards upon seeing the constant flames burned by the indigenous Yámana to keep warm. This largely unspoiled region comprises the large island of Tierra del Fuego and countless Chilean and Argentine islands.

Day 3 Sail the South Atlantic Ocean
Trace the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, an underwater mountain range longer than the Rockies, the Himalayas and the Andes combined. Its hidden towering peaks divide the Atlantic Ocean in half, North to South. Enjoy the amenities of your ship as you sail. Perhaps take a breath of fresh air on a brisk walk around the Promenade or begin your day with a workout in the well-equipped Fitness Center.

Day 4 West Point Island, Falkland Islands
West Point Island boasts some of the most magnificent coastal vistas with soaring cliffs spilling into the surf. This visually dramatic land was founded as a sheep farm in 1879 by Arthur Felton. Today, his great-nephew Roddy Napier owns the entire island; he and his wife Lily oversee the farm and regularly welcome travelers. The island and its neighbors also enjoy status as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area with BirdLife International. Significant species include the Falkland steamer duck, black-browed albatross, southern rockhopper penguin and Magellanic penguin.

Day 5 Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
The Falkland Islands are a British Overseas Territory comprising almost 800 small islands. Visitors to the main island of East Falkland, from curious travelers to expedition ship crews en route to Antarctica, experience British warmth in Port Stanley’s pubs and at the charming Victorian stone church. Remarkably, there are about 200 sheep for every person in this starkly beautiful archipelago, yet the Falklands are also known for their biological diversity. Five penguin species call the islands home, from the king penguins to the gentoo, and the Magellanic on farther shores.

Day 6-7 Sail the South Atlantic Ocean
Follow in the wake of the great explorers, including Captain James Cook, who traversed these waters, claiming the island of South Georgia for Britain in 1775. As you sail today, savor a range of international cuisine on board. Choose from variety of international flavors at the World Café, enjoy al fresco dining on the Aquavit Terrace, or regional specialties in The Restaurant.

Day 8-10 Explore South Georgia
South Georgia is untamed beauty, with its rugged landscapes, mountainous hillsides and spectacular glaciers. It was founded by Captain James Cook in 1775 and has featured on many explorers’ maps since. Sir Ernest Shackleton first traversed these waters in 1916, returning in 1921 in an attempt to map the coastline of the Antarctic. To this day, South Georgia remains one of the least visited places on earth. While it remains permanently uninhabited by humans, it is home to an abundance of wildlife, including king penguins, albatross, as well as elephant and fur seals.

Day 11 Sail the South Atlantic Ocean
Sail the legendary waters of the South Atlantic Ocean, where intrepid explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton navigated the fateful voyage of the Endurance, which resulted in her sinking in Antarctic waters in 1915. As you sail today, attend an informative lecture or watch a film on our 8k laser-projected panoramic screen in The Aula, one of the world's most advanced venues for learning at sea. This indoor-outdoor experience allows nature to take center stage with its retractable floor-to-ceiling windows that unveil 270° views.

Day 12-16 Explore Antarctica
At once ethereal and majestic, Antarctica has inspired explorers and adventurers for centuries. In this icy wilderness, marvel at icebergs glimmering in serene bays and mountains cloaked in white rising from the mainland basalt cliffs. These stunning landscapes evoke both utter tranquility as fur seals lounge on a floating sheet of ice, and breathtaking drama as glaciers thunderously calve into the sea. In these cold and nutrient-rich waters, humpback, fin and giant blue whales have been known to greet expedition ships that venture into their habitat.

Day 17 Sail the Drake Passage
Named for 16th-century English privateer Sir Francis Drake, the frigid waters of the Drake Passage stretch for some 600 miles between Cape Horn and Livingston Island in the South Shetland archipelago. Renew your body, mind and spirit in our Scandinavian-inspired Spa, a Nordic sanctuary of holistic wellness, today while at sea. Whether you unwind in the Sauna, refresh in the Snow Grotto or take a dip in the heated pool, you will feel recharged and revitalized.

Day 18 Scenic Sailing: Cape Horn
Rising above the point where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans converge, Cape Horn, named for the Dutch city of Hoorn in The Netherlands, is part of the Hermite Islands archipelago. This remote, stark and treeless place is often considered the continent’s southernmost point. Soaring from Hornos Island is an enormous prehistoric-looking massif of Jurassic volcanic rock. Atop, stands its historic lighthouse near the water’s edge. A beacon of assurance and safety for countless sailors since 1991, it is the world’s southernmost traditional-style lighthouse.

Day 19 Ushuaia, Argentina
The “city at the end of the world” is one of the planet’s most breathtaking destinations; Andean peaks, pristine lakes and boreal forests create a dramatic backdrop, surrounding this captivating coastal town. Although Ushuaia lies more than 600 miles north of Antarctica, the city’s port is still the closest to the “Last Continent” and the starting point for its exploration. The majesty of Antarctica’s landscape attracts visitors seeking adventure, with its packed ice plains, rugged mountains and abundance of wildlife, such as whales, seals and various species of penguin. Disembark your ship and transfer to the airport for your charter flight. Bid farewell to your fellow travelers and journey home from Buenos Aires.

Viking Octantis (Luxury Expedition, 378-guests)

Experience all the comfort and elegance of the award-winning ship - Viking octantis - an expedition ship built specifically to explore the world's most remote destinations and allow you to immerse yourself in these regions.

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Difefrent departures have free flights included and some have an extra charge from 999 USD - 1499 USD p.p. Please request the final quote from us! Thank you!

  • One complimentary landing or shore excursion in every port of call
  • Free Wi-Fi (connection speed may vary)
  • Beer, wine & soft drinks with onboard lunch & dinner
  • 24-hour specialty coffees, teas  & bottled water
  • Port taxes & fees
  • Ground transfers with Viking Air purchase
  • Visits to UNESCO Sites
  • Enrichment lectures & Destination Performances
  • Complimentary access to The Nordic Spa & Fitness Center.
  • Self-service launderettes
  • Alternative restaurant dining at no extra charge
  • 24-hour room service
  • Kayaks, Zodiacs & Special Operations Boats — A Viking Expedition Kit with a variety of equipment to explore at no extra charge
  • Keepsake Viking expedition jacket (on polar itineraries)
  • All Viking excursion gear needed for any relevant excursions
  • 24-hour room service
  • King-size bed (optional twin-bed configuration) with luxury linens & pillows
  • 55" OLED flat-screen TV featuring CNN, CBC, MBC2, beIN Sports
  • Interactive TV with complimentary movies and documentaries, as well as Viking.TV proprietary content, lectures and expert interviews
  • Mini-bar
  • Personal coffee machine with premium coffee & tea selections
  • Floor-to-ceiling heated drying closets for expeditions gear
  • Spacious glass-enclosed shower
  • Heated bathroom floor
  • Anti-fog mirrors
  • Premium Freyja® toiletries
  • Hair dryer
  • Free Wi-Fi (connection speed may vary)
  • 110/220 volt outlets & USB ports
  • Meopta Optika MeoPro 8x42 binoculars

Day 4
Zodiac Landing
Beach your Zodiac on the remote shores of West Point Island, then embark on a scientist-led hike to discover the various habitats and local wildlife which call these rugged landscapes home.

Set out into the South Atlantic Ocean to experience your surroundings up close. Navigate your kayak past rugged landscapes and keep watch for local wildlife.

Dine Well
Relax and enjoy a freshly prepared meal at Manfredi’s Italian Restaurant. Afterward, relax with your fellow guests and share stories on the Aquavit Terrace.

Don a white lab coat and participate in the many ongoing research projects that are happening on board your ship.

Scenic Cruising
Glide across the waters of the South Atlantic Ocean in a Special Operations Boat to view hidden islets and coves, then disembark in search of marine life.

On the Big Screen
Sit back and relax in The Aula, your ship’s dynamic venue for lectures and entertainment. Immerse yourself in an informative documentary about the wildlife of the Falkland Islands as you cruise.

Day 5  Shore Excursions

Shore excursions vary by each itinerary and are subject to change.

Highlights of Port Stanley DURATION: 2 HOURS
Discover the history and traditions of the Falklands and visit Port Stanley’s landmarks during an informative tour.


Penguins of Bluff Cove Lagoon DURATION: 3 HOURS
Discover the thriving penguin population and abundant bird species of Bluff Cove Lagoon, a private wildlife haven.


Port Stanley by Foot DURATION: 2 HOURS
Explore the streets and sights of Port Stanley during a scenic guided tour of the Falklands’ compact capital.


Scenic Gypsy Cove DURATION: 2 HOURS 
Explore the rugged natural beauty and local wildlife of the Falklands during a visit to Gypsy Cove.


Falklands Nature Trek DURATION: 3 HOURS 
Grab your binoculars and go bird-watching on a tour featuring the Falkland Islands’ wildlife and plants.


Zodiac: Port Stanley DURATION: 45 MINUTES
Investigate the remote beauty of Port Stanley’s coastlines during an exhilarating Zodiac ride.


Scenic Sailing by Special Operations Boat DURATION: 1 HOUR
Experience the stunning beauty of the Falkland Islands from the water during a ride in a Special Operations Boat.


Kayaking in Port Stanley DURATION: 1 HOUR 15 MINUTES
Take to the water and explore your surroundings with a member of your Viking Expedition Team.


Off-Road Excursion to Volunteer Point DURATION: 7 HOURS 
Venture to Volunteer Point to meet some of the Falkland Islands’ most distinguished inhabitants, the king penguins.

Wildlife & Sights of Bleaker Island DURATION: 4 HOURS 30 MINUTES 
Enjoy stunning bird’s-eye views of wildlife-rich Bleaker Island from above and get up close on a 4x4 safari.

Gentoo Penguins at Newans Station DURATION: 2 HOURS   
Gaze upon a colony of gentoo penguins and learn about life in the Falklands during an off-road 4x4 excursion.

Gain insight on farming in the Falklands during a visit to a traditional sheep farm.

Day 8 - 10
Morning Briefing
Gather with your Viking Expedition Team to discuss the day’s activities. After a nourishing breakfast from the World Café, assemble your gear so you are ready to explore.

Discover the ecosystems of the South Atlantic Ocean and admire the rugged landscape as you keep watch for local wildlife.

Follow in the Footsteps of Great Explorers
Learn about the discoveries made by great explorers who traversed these waters, from Captain James Cook in 1775 to Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Dine Well
Relax and enjoy a freshly prepared meal at Manfredi’s Italian Restaurant. Afterward, relax with your fellow guests and share stories on the Aquavit Terrace.

On the Big Screen
Sit back and relax in The Aula, your ship’s dynamic venue for lectures and entertainment. Immerse yourself in an informative documentary about the wildlife of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Special Operations Boat
Traverse the waters of the South Atlantic Ocean by Special Operations Boat and keep watch for local marine life, including king penguins and fur seals.

Day 12 - 16
Gear Up for Adventure
Use of our specialty outerwear and expedition equipment—including walking poles and snowshoes—is included in your fare, so you can experience the destination in comfort.

Kayak Among Glaciers
These intimate vessels allow you to experience your surroundings up close. Note the distinct crackling sound glacial ice makes as air bubbles trapped inside are released.

Explore More On Board
As with all Viking ships, your expedition vessel doubles as a classroom in which you can learn more about your destination. Join a Viking Resident Scientist for lunch on board before heading back out.

Partake in a Shore Landing
Take a short Zodiac ride to a pristine, snow-covered beach while seals nap in the distance. It is an indescribable moment.

Dive Below the Surface
Board a Viking DNV classed submarine for an incredible experience in the icy depths of the “Last Continent."

Dinner & Daily Briefing
Get details on tomorrow’s activities; perhaps plan a trip in a Special Operations Boat, or a shore landing by Zodiac. Then, enjoy a healthy, hearty meal.


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