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8 Day Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo

Buzios surrounds you with amazing beaches and high-energy vibes that always feel on the verge of Carnaval. Praia do Forno, less frequented by tourists, offers a unique experience with red sands, rocky shorelines and sea-green waters. An extended evening in Paraty offers time to explore the forests and trails of Bocaina National Park that lead to dramatic waterfalls and the chatter of countless birds and monkeys. Amid the archipelago of Ilhabela find Ilha das Cabras, home of the Submarino Ecological Sanctuary, where you may have the chance to go diving or snorkeling with starfish, seahorses and turtles. Flavors of jerk beef, fried potatoes and Brazil’s unforgettable version of barbecue, churrascaria, create a festival for the taste buds.


    • Port charges applies: 350 USD p.p.


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    Start DateEnd DateFrom EURFrom USD
    Oct 27, 2024Nov 03, 20242,296 2,499
    Rates are listed per person
    Start DateEnd DateFrom EURFrom USD
    Oct 27, 2024Nov 03, 20242,296 2,499


    Oct 27 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Depart: 8:00 pm

    Rio de Janeiro invokes images of a never-ending festival as one of the most celebrated cities in the world. From dancing samba on the beach of Ipanema to exploring the art deco influences of Copacabana, it comes alive. The iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, seen for miles in any direction, encapsulates the city’s grand feel. On the mouth of Guanabara Bay lies the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain, where you can take a cable car ride to the top for exhilarating, bird’s-eye views of city structures expanding to the edges of lush green cliffs into blue waters. Just on the outskirts of the city, a new UNESCO World Heritage Site awaits to be explored - Sítio Roberto Burle Marx - a garden designed by the landscape architect it’s named after.

    Oct 28 Buzios, Brazil

    Buzios, the vibrant heart of Brazil, surrounds you with amazing beaches and high-energy vibes that always feel on the verge of carnaval. Cobblestone streets in its historic districts take you on a journey to the past for a deep dive into how the city came to be. The taste of authentic ethnic and international cuisine that erupts with flavor takes you on a culinary adventure through Brazil’s rich culture.

    The resort town of Buzios lies on a peninsula east of Rio de Janeiro. Once a quiet fishing village, it now attracts many visitors with its pristine beaches and mild, tropical climate. But it never feels crowded. It comes alive with just the right mix of travelers and locals.

    Praia do Forno offers a unique beach experience with red sands, rocky shorelines, and sea green waters. This beach is less frequented by tourists, providing a more tranquil and remote experience. It has all the benefits of a day spent sunbathing and swimming with less noise and a rare environment.

    An experience that mixes the rustic with the touristic calls for a visit to Praia da Tartaruga. Shallow waters and a smooth stone path dividing the sandy shore in two make it a laid back atmosphere for a quieter beach day. You may even spot a sea turtle as you snorkel the beach’s clear waters.

    When making your way through Buzios, it’s impossible not to sample the local fare. Flavors of jerk beef, fried potatoes, and Brazil’s unforgettable version of barbecue — churrascaria – create a festival for the taste buds

    Oct 29 Paraty, Brazil

    The former gold rush town of Paraty contains plenty of treasures. History lives on amid the well-preserved colonial buildings and cobblestone streets of Old Town. The forests and trails of Bocaina National Park lead to dramatic waterfalls and the chatter of countless birds and monkeys. For a more adventurous endeavor, check out Cachoeira da Pedra que Engole ("swallowing stone") near Praia do Meio, a geological formation where you can ride the flow of a waterfall between the smooth rocks and into a small cave. Paraty has the perfect balance between a rich past and lush, natural wonders.

    Oct 30 Ilhabela, Brazil

    The archipelago of Ilhabela, lying off the southeast coast of Brazil, is one of the region’s most popular weekend escapes for locals. It’s natural beauty, beach scenes and overall picture of a tropical paradise invite residents and travelers alike to come revel in a relaxing day of quiet adventures or water sports. Between the more popular beaches of Feiticeira and Praia Grande you’ll find Praia do Julião, a more secluded gem. Ilha das Cabras, one of the archipelago’s islands, contains the Submarino Ecological Sanctuary, where you may have the chance to go diving or snorkeling with starfish, seahorses and turtles.

    Oct 31-Nov 01 At Sea

    Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore

    Nov 02 Punta del Este, Uruguay

    Punta del Este holds some of the finest beaches on the coast that call to you to play, sunbathe, or splash in the azure Atlantic Ocean. Playa Brava and Playa Mansa, “wild beach” and “tame beach,” respectively, perfectly depict the natural diversity along Uruguay’s coast. From rowdy waves to calm waters, it’s up to you to choose what kind of adventure you will have.

    With a rich, cosmopolitan look and feel, Punta del Este has been compared to the likes of Cannes and Miami for its lively energy. Skyscrapers line the sandy shores of beaches, inviting travelers to explore the city’s modern treasures.

    Among the contemporary architecture lie relics like Casapueblo, a structure that once stood as an art workshop turned museum but now acts as a boutique hotel. It’s the perfect example of how Uruguay incorporates its past into its present.

    No one can resist the urge to capture an epic selfie with “La Mano,” the gigantic sculpted hand reaching out of the golden sands at Playa Brava. The sculpted fingers reaching toward blue skies give the impression of a sleeping giant ready and waiting to wake up and live life. Snap a photo at sunset for a positively beautiful shot that cannot compare.

    Uruguay’s reputation for the art of cooking meat makes it a top choice for foodie travelers, and Punta del Este is no different. It’s seaside location also makes it a number one pick for fresh seafood meals that will leave explorers hungry for more. A rich mix of flavors in the city’s local fare makes it an adventure for the taste buds as well.

    Nov 03 Montevideo, Uruguay Arrive: 8:00 am

    Uruguay’s cool capital city Montevideo calls out with its cobbled streets, wide avenues, colonial buildings and verdant cityscapes along the waterfront, known as the rambla. To get social with the locals, share in their tradition of drinking yerba mate. Everywhere you go in Uruguay you see people drinking the strong, herbal tea out of cups that look like gourds, sipping through a long, thick straw. For the full color and vibrant life of the city, head to Mercado del Puerto, where you find a 19th-century restored building housing various stalls and eateries. About an hour drive outside the city explore the newest UNESCO World Heritage Site Church of Atlántida.

    World Navigator (Luxury Expedition, 198-guests)

    The 98-suite World Navigator features deluxe accommodations, contemporary and airy design, as well as thoughtfully selected amenities, entertainment, restaurants and bars. Every deck is designed to bring the outdoors inside, so that you are almost never without a transcendent view.

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